Control Market Testing

Control Market/Store (Mini Market) Testing is a valuable and inexpensive method to gain consumer awareness to new items, packaging changes, and pricing and promotional stimuli when compared to the cost of a national roll out.  Selected stores are divided into two panels: test and control.  These panel stores are matched based on in-market variables such as sales, demographic/location and size of store.

In stores designated as test panel, changes are usually made with respect to pricing, product location, POS (point of sale), and in most cases the addition of new items or packaging.  Within stores classified as control, no changes are made so that normal market conditions remain intact.

The difference between the two scenarios is that within a controlled market test, multiple retailers and outlet types are incorporated within one market/city. Within a control store test, stores are normally selected from only one retailer/chain; however, the test can be executed in one or more markets/regions. The only form of advertisement is in the retailer’s weekly flyer.

M&M Market Management is dedicated to achieving specific project objectives set by its clients.  With a highly trained staff of field representatives and auditors, M&M Market Management is dedicated to overseeing all fielding in most major markets, including:

  • Initial category resetting based on an approved plan-o-gram to work in or exchange the test item(s) into the current shelf layout.

  • Placement and monitoring of POS materials.

  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits to each of the participating control and test stores to guarantee test conditions remain in place.

  • Replenishment of inventory via normal channels, or M&M Market Management being assigned as sole or supplemental supplier of the test item(s).

  • Collecting and reporting on competitive/casual items promotional display activity.

  • Providing our client with a summary report representing the in-store activity, conditions, and estimated sales.

Analytical/statistical reporting analysis of project data may be requested as an additional service.