Consumer Intercepts

Often manufacturers want to learn firsthand how consumers view their products, packages or current layout. Consumer/in-store intercept studies are a cost effective way to identify consumers who purchased and/or those individuals who walked out the door without purchasing, and why.

Data collected in this manner is authentic and reflects the true feelings of the customer, as their interaction with the company/brand/purchase is still fresh in their memory and they are more likely to remember the relevant details.

Consumer/in-store intercept studies within the purchasing environment provide an opportunity to understand consumers’ expectations and perceptions.

Researchers are able to obtain valuable information on how consumers shop, what motivates a purchase, bias/unbiased feelings toward specific brands, products, packages, and the effectiveness of a promotional or merchandising initiative.

With over 30 years experience in managing and fielding complex consumer/in-store intercepts, M&M Market Management has the resources and knowledge to help our clients fulfill their research needs and obtain vital information including:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Attitudes and perceptions of a brand vs. competition

  • Intent to purchase prior to store visit

  • Retailer and/or brand image

  • Switching behaviors

  • Motivations for purchase

  • Awareness of point of sale material

  • Reactions to price changes

  • Shopping frequency

  • Advertising awareness

  • Effectiveness of displays

  • Perceptions of a store or brand

M&M Market Management’s national network of highly trained and professional staff of interviewers has the ability to conduct surveys via a number of methodologies including paper, mobile device, or tablet.